How do we offer the Experienced Worker Assessment?

This qualification can be offered by accredited C&G and EAL centres who meet the requirements. Please contact your awarding organisation to find out more.

TESP will only promote centres who apply to TESP for inclusion on the provider list and who meet TESP requirements in terms of accurate website messaging and promotion.

How do we administer the Skills Scan?

The Skills Scan is designed to help assess the learner’s eligibility for the Experienced Worker Qualification by reviewing their knowledge and skills against the EWA requirement. Providers must review the Skills Scan with the candidate and verify the information provided by them. This must include verifying any technical certificates and a recorded or documented technical discussion.

This is an auditable part of the Awarding Organisation’s quality assurance processes and the Skills Scan and supporting records must be retained by the training provider for quality audit purposes. The technical discussions must be conducted by occupationally competent staff. Please contact your awarding organisation for further guidance on this.

What if a candidate is not suitable for the Experienced Worker Assessment?

If employed, explore the option of an apprenticeship with the employer. Many employers remain unaware the apprenticeship is available to learners of any age, and that prior experience, knowledge and skill reduces the duration and cost. Otherwise direct the learner to relevant technical training depending on the gaps in knowledge, or sensitively explain that a greater breadth and/or depth of work experience would help develop the skills required and produce valid evidence for work-based assessment.

To download the approved industry training routes to help advise potential customers please visit the Electrical Careers website.