The Installation & Maintenance Electrician EWA is an assessment process against the industry standard – it is not a short cut to qualified status. To be eligible for the assessment you should have:

5 A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a practising electrician working across the range of activity set out in the Skills Scan.

2 At least a Level 2 electrical qualification

The requirement for a recognised Level 2 electrical theory qualification is to ensure that anyone undertaking EWA has an appropriate understanding of electrical theory and the required scientific principles. Qualifications in areas such as BS 7671:2018 and Inspection & Testing are specialised and do not cover this underpinning knowledge requirement.

The five years’ experience cannot include time you have spent in training, either full- or part-time, for example college-based technical certificates. It means five years working solely as an electrician and not in training.

You’ll only be able to use evidence for the EWA performance assessments that is generated after you enrol on the EWA – so you’ll need to be working day-to-day on activity that covers the breadth of what is required. You may have evidence from past work that will confirm that you’re a suitable candidate for the EWA, but you’d still need to be currently working as an electrician in order to create evidence for the practical units.

Your experience and qualifications will be verified by a training provider before you can be accepted onto the EWA; this will also involve a technical discussion.

If you’re unsure about whether you’re eligible based on your experience, please contact TESP for advice