I have a Level 3 qualification in Inspection & Testing/Initial Verification/Periodic Inspection – does that meet the entry requirement?

No, the entry requirement is for a minimum Level 2 electrical technical qualification which provides a broad foundation of knowledge and scientific principles. Accepted qualifications are listed in the Skills Scan for the respective EWA routes:

Training providers must seek advice/approval from TESP if the candidate wishes to enrol with a qualification that is not listed.

Is this the right qualification for me?

The Installation Electrician Experienced Worker Assessment is for practising electricians who have been working in the industry for at least 5 years (not including time spent in full or part time training) but have not formally completed an industry apprenticeship or equivalent Level 3 NVQ qualification.

You will need to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and competence to the standard of the Level 3 electrotechnical apprenticeship and hold at least a recognised Level 2 electrical technical qualification. The Skills Scan at the start of the process will help you to self assess whether this is the right route for you and whether you will be able to meet EWA requirements, before you make any formal or financial commitment.

It’s suitable for both self-employed and employed electricians who have worked for a number of years but have never gained full, formal recognition of their skills or experience.

The qualification is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry, apprentices, or those who have completed an electrotechnical technical qualification with less than five years’ relevant experience as a practising electrician. It is not a short cut. You will be required to demonstrate equivalent knowledge to that covered in the apprenticeship, complete the same performance assessments and pass the same end Assessment of Competence.

What experience do I need to be eligible for the assessment?

The Installation Electrician EWA is an assessment process against the industry standard – it is not a short cut to qualified status. To be eligible for the assessment you must be working as a practising electrician and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working across the range of activity set out in the Skills Scan.

The 5 years cannot include time you have spent in training, either full- or part-time, for example college-based technical certificates. It means 5 years working solely as an electrician and not in training.

Your experience will be verified by a training provider before you can be accepted onto the EWA.

If you’re unsure about whether you are eligible based on your experience, please contact TESP for advice.