What is the Skills Scan?

The Skills Scan is a first step self-assessment designed to help you determine your eligibility for the Experienced Worker Assessment by reviewing the depth of knowledge, skill and experience that is required to complete the assessment. It’s designed to help you avoid wasting money and struggling to complete qualification or the assessment process if this is not quite the right pathway for you.

The Skills Scan asks for details of any relevant technical qualifications you hold. These can be used to show that you have the required electrical knowledge to take the EWA, through Recognition of Prior Learning. You must hold a minimum Level 2 electrical technical certificate from the list in the Skills Scan. The training provider will need to verify your certificate(s) and will also carry out a documented or recorded technical discussion to confirm that your knowledge is up to date. Where there are gaps, the training provider may recommend you undertake further formal training before taking EWA.

The Skills Scan also asks about your practical experience. This is because you will need to provide performance evidence in the EWA. If you are not working across the full scope of activity required, you may find it difficult to provide the range of evidence that will be required.  The EWA must be completed within an 18 month period.

The EWA is designed for practising electricians and requires evidence of at least 5 years (for Installation / Maintenance Electrician) or 3 years (for Domestic Electrician) experience – this cannot include any time spent in education or training. Evidence of work you have completed can help to demonstrate your eligibility for the EWA but cannot be credited against the performance units.

If you feel that the Skills Scan shows that EWA is the right route for you once you have completed the document, you should contact an EWA training provider. The provider will verify in detail the information you have provided.

The discussion will be documented or recorded and forms part of the auditable evidence that will be checked  as part of the quality assurance processes.