Why is metal containment assessed within the Domestic EWA?

The core principle of any EWA is that it mirrors the performance units of the related apprenticeship standard. This ensures parity of occupational competence for apprentices and experienced workers.

Metal containment is part of the Domestic Electrician apprenticeship standard. Therefore it must be included within the EWA, and competence will be verified at the End Point Assessment. The employer group responsible for developing the apprenticeship standard asked for metal containment to be part of the apprenticeship due to the rapidly increasing prevalence of equipment such as inverters that require containment to support the cable installation. It was widely supported as a key skill of a Domestic Electrician in the apprenticeship consultations.

It is important that all performance evidence is genuine work and not de facto simulation. If potential candidates do not have sufficient experience and proficiency with metal containment this should be identified on the Skills Scan. Candidates should not be registered until they have addressed any experience / training gaps on the Skills Scan.