Will I need time off the job to complete this?

At least one performance assessment must take place while you are carrying out work onsite with the assessor physically present. You will also need time to complete portfolio work, but this can be done inside or outside of work hours. As each candidate’s experience will differ, we are unable to provide an estimate of time required off the job.

You will have usually attend an approved centre to undertake the following, if you don’t already hold these:

  • Installation Electrician EWA: BS 7671:2018 and Initial Verification
  • Domestic Electrician EWA: BS 7671:2018 and full Inspection & Testing qualification

You will also need to complete the AM2E (for Installation Electrician) or AM2ED (for Domestic Electrician) Assessment, which is separate to the Experienced Worker Qualification. This is a practical assessment where you will have to attend a NET-licensed centre.